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The Sword and the Dragon - M.R. Mathias Amazon suggested this based on a Dalglish book I downloaded. Gave it a try, got a few chapters in, and got bored. Just really kind of meh. Nothing grabbed my attention, nothing really stood out. Despite the stellar reviews, I'd file this one with Eragon. Same treatment of standard fantasy tropes. Don't know if I'd call it bad, but it definitely bored me to the point of not wanting to read farther, so take that as you will.

The opening scene is lackluster, at best, and just kind of jumps around, constantly keeping us at the periphery even though we are inside the characters' heads. Farm boys (or tribesmen, actually, but eh, same difference) are climbing cliffs to harvest eggs that they sell. The eggs provide such a significant portion of their income (clearly they rely on consistent egg harvests) that I begin to wonder why none of the tribe at all have thought to, I don't know, build some scaffolding, or permanent handholds, or something to maybe make the whole enterprise less dangerous. Maybe some guardrails. The reader is left wondering if the danger is perhaps due to the climb posing some barbaric rite of passage, but unfortunately the reason seems to simply be "because artificially contrived tension, that's why!" so we're never enlightened, and are forced to assume that this society is comprised of nothing but idiot man-children. A ring is found, an egg hatches, and the most boring prophecy ever is rattled off like it ain't no thang. Also elves are mentioned.

It reminded me so much of Eragon, in fact, that I felt that if I was going to read a trite knockoff of Eragon, I might as well just read Eragon.

Tl;dr: just read Eragon. Paolini's a lot of things, but he's not boring.